E – Band Bluetooth 4.0 Wristband Smart Fitness watch

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Pedometer – Record the data and display the finished value according to your target. Sync (every 1 min), record the data during moving, contain the information of steps, distance, calories and duration.
Sleep monitor – Record the sleep data, contain information of sleep start time and end time, deep sleep time and light sleep time, awake time, actual sleep time.
Trends – You will see a histogram according to the record, and inquire the history data in day, week and month.
Reminding setting – With the function of anti-lost reminder, sedentary reminder, SMS reminder and call reminder. All the reminding functions are closed in default state.
1. Anti-lost reminder: Device vibrates by 3 times and display a missing icon, when 10m away from the mobile. (Actual distance will be a little difference due to the environment influence)
2. Sedentary reminder: According to your setting(30mins / 60mins / 90mins), if the user didn’t move during this period, device will vibrates by 1 time and display a icon.
3. SMS reminder: Device vibrates by 1time and display a SMS icon when a message received.
4. Call reminder: Device vibrates by 1 time and displays a call icon and call number when receive the call. (For iOS version, due to the iOS security system, bracelet can not read the MSN remind, and when a call received only the call icon will show on the bracelet screen without call number.)
Alarm – According to your setting, device will vibrate by 5 times at the setting time and display an alarm icon. Totally you can set 3 sets of alarm.
Remote camera – Enter into app setting menu, click remote camera, then a camera icon will display on the device, press the button to take photo.
Music player – Enter into app setting menu, turn on the music player function, then switch the device to music player mode , Long press the button by 3s, mobile starts to play music. short press 1 time to next music, and long press 3s to stop music. (For iOS version, you need to select the play list at first.)
Applicable – Match the device with iOS or Android system. Support the mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0. (iOS: iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S. etc device with iOS 6.0 or above; Android: Mobile with Android 4.3 or above)

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